Is Mass Timber The Path To Sustainable Construction?

mass timber As people become increasingly interested in the sustainability in all things, building construction was bound to find itself under scrutiny. Steel and concrete are notorious for their large environmental footprints. But they’ve historically been the only suitable answer as the primary load-bearing material for large, and especially tall, buildings.

That may be changing. Mass timber – engineered wood members  used as structural components for buildings – is getting a lot of attention lately. “Mass timber is very exciting. It’s a long-term durable product. It’s a critical carbon storage tool,” said Mark Rudnicki, Ph.D., Professor of Practice for Forest Biomaterials at Michigan Technological University and Executive Director for the Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute. “Plus, it’s cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing.” Continue reading “Is Mass Timber The Path To Sustainable Construction?”

Woodland sales providing boom to north timber industry

Huge swathes of the Highlands are being put up for sale in what is said to be evidence of a massive boom in multi-million-pound timber industry.

Scottish-based international forestry agents John Clegg and Co currently has six Highland woodlands on its books, with five of them – valued at around £3 million – under offer.

Forestry director Patrick Porteous revealed sellers were attempting to cash in on a buoyant market, while buyers were keen to reap the rewards of a growing industry – worth about £1 billion in the last year to the Scottish economy and employing more than 25,000 people.

He revealed developers were also desperately hunting precious available land to start up new plantations and take advantage of rising timber prices.

Mr Porteous said a number of landowners who have had woodlands for some time had decided to sell up while the market was at an all-time high.

He added: “Mills across the north are working to capacity to cope with demand, and we have just seen Norbord near Inverness undergo a major expansion.

“Timber prices have gone up substantially in the last year, and it is a very buoyant market. It is a good time to be harvesting and selling and buying.” Continue reading “Woodland sales providing boom to north timber industry”

High lumber prices keeping forestry sector strong – for now

Image Credit: Canadian Press

KAMLOOPS — Interior communities dependent on the forestry sector continue to benefit from the high price of Canadian lumber.

Associate Professor Harry Nelson with UBC’s Faculty of Forestry notes we’ve seen record prices in the last three months.

“And even now prices at $560 (US dollars) a thousand board feet are exceptional. And that has – pardon the pun – trumped any kind of tariffs.”

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration implemented 20 per cent tariffs on imported Canadian lumber last November after both Canada and the U.S. failed to reach common ground on a new softwood lumber agreement.

So, what’s driving these high prices? Continue reading “High lumber prices keeping forestry sector strong – for now”