The benefits of renewable energy

Wind FarmSciTech Europa welcomes Steward McGrenary the director of Plunc, a high end electronics recycling company, to discuss the benefits of renewable energy.

Contrary to popular belief, renewable energy is not a new concept or recent fad. In fact, renewable energy has been successfully used for years, and has recently made impressive strides in technology, innovation, and efficiency.

However, as history would have it, the preferred method of energy use has always been the one that costs less upfront, as opposed to renewable energy, which keeps the environment cleaner and costs less in the long run. We are a society of immediacy. Continue reading “The benefits of renewable energy”

People, planet and profits: Impact investing exceeds $500bn

[ Image: Eddie Seal/Bloomberg]
Annual survey shows investors ‘increasingly see alignment between business objectives and transformative impact’.

In a world where the dual scourges of immense poverty and global warming often overwhelm even the most optimistic people, investors of a new breed are stepping into the breach and staking hundreds of billions of dollars on solving the massive problems facing humankind.

But this path to positive impacts isn’t just about doing good. It’s also about making money.

“Global challenges like entrenched inequality and climate change require large-scale, urgent action,” Amit Bouri, CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), told Al Jazeera. “And impact investors are stepping up to help fuel positive progress.” Continue reading “People, planet and profits: Impact investing exceeds $500bn”