Record renewable energy production promises a greener future for UK

A sustainable green future looks closer as record renewable energy production in UK shows rapid progress is possible.

During the third quarter of 2019 renewable energy in UK provided more electricity to homes and business than fossil fuels.

Advances in technology and price reductions in the renewable energy industry have made such progress possible. Now governments across the world need to do more to help green energy replace fossil fuels entirely.

During Q3 renewables accounted for 40% of the UK energy mix and the National Grid expects green energy to overtake fossil fuel power generation.

Moreover, the UK is far from leading the way regarding widespread adoption of green energy. This suggests that progress around the world could easily speed up if provided with governmental assistance. Continue reading “Record renewable energy production promises a greener future for UK”

Facebook Data Center Makes Good on Renewable Energy Pledge

Facebook is now closer to reaching their goal of 100 percent sustainability with a new data center.

Pic: CNN

As Facebook continues planning the construction of future data centers, their goal remains to eventually have “100 percent clean and renewable energy in our mix for our entire operations,” said Lindsay Amos, Technology Communications Manager at Facebook. The Facebook data center in New Albany will help solidify the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Once achieved, Facebook will be joining the ranks of Netflix, Kohls, and REI which are currently sourcing 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy.
Ohio’s Facebook Data Center
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