How to make Houston the sustainable energy capital of the world

The global demand for a low-carbon future is undeniable. Scientific research, opinion pieces, political speechmaking and the global marketplace are all speaking loudly. The question is how? At what pace? At what cost?

And despite all the talk, the real leadership will be shown through actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also meeting the growing global demand for energy.

Houston and Texas must embrace a new mantle – Sustainable Energy Capital of the World, the place where new technologies and new policies are put into practice. This only makes sense: Texas not only produces the oil, natural gas, transportation fuels and plastics that allow the nation to thrive, but Texas also has the infrastructure in place – pipelines, transmission lines, storage tanks, rail and port access – that will be required if we are to transform carbon emissions into viable commercial products.

Texas contributes significantly to the energy mix and products demanded by modern life. Globally the economic uplifting of entire countries and the continued growth of population and prosperity means that demand for energy and material goods will continue to grow, and we must ensure that these products remain affordable and become more environmentally friendly. The solution will largely fall to the energy industries in the states and countries that produce energy to embrace this future as an opportunity. Continue reading “How to make Houston the sustainable energy capital of the world”

Southwest States Make Large Strides on Renewable Energy Targets

The Southwest became the center of U.S. climate action yesterday, as New Mexico lawmakers voted to decarbonize their state’s electric grid and Nevada’s governor announced his support for bills to expand renewable energy and enshrine carbon reduction targets in law.

The developments represented a striking shift for American climate efforts. Climate policy, long dominated at the state level by California and a handful of Northeastern states, had stagnated in Nevada and New Mexico until recently.

Now the pair of Southwestern states are poised to take far-reaching efforts to curb emissions, delivering climate hawks one of their most significant wins since President Trump took office two years ago. Continue reading “Southwest States Make Large Strides on Renewable Energy Targets”

China maintains top position in A Word About Wind’s 2018 Emerging Markets index

China is at the top of the list in the 2018 Emerging Markets Attractiveness Index report published by wind industry intelligence service A Word About Wind, which provides insight and analysis into the most attractive emerging markets for wind companies.

The index, now in its second year, ranks the top 30 emerging markets that investors should consider when investing in wind in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The list considers factors including political and economic stability for investors, alongside the growth of electricity demand and potential for wind growth, in order to rank the countries by overall potential. Continue reading “China maintains top position in A Word About Wind’s 2018 Emerging Markets index”